a syllogism–if pat robertson is a liberal, lierre keith is stupid

Jasper Wilcox

Evangelical preacher and all-around bad motherfucker Pat Robertson recently made comments on  The 700 Club that he has no objection to sexual reassignment surgery. In a recent article from the Huffington Post, Robertson is quoted as saying:

“I think there are men who are in a woman’s body. It’s very rare. But it’s true — or women that are in men’s bodies — and that they want a sex change. That is a very permanent thing, believe me, when you have certain body parts amputated and when you have shot up with various kinds of hormones. It’s a radical procedure. I don’t think there’s any sin associated with that. I don’t condemn somebody for doing that.”

If we could look past Robertson’s old-timey and vaguely insensitive language this could almost be mistaken for a progressive statement.

Pat Robertson: “[Being transgender]…is not a sin.”

It is, after all, a more level-headed thing than Lierre Keith (of Deep Green Resistance) has ever said. Keith believes male-to-female transgender people are spies, collecting intelligence and reporting it back to the patriarchy. She believes transgender people are a by-product of pornography and ubiquitous social perversion.

While Pat Robertson is surveying the sky in search of new horizons, Lierre Keith remains embroiled in a semantic war that has been annoying since 1970  

To say the least, this news comes as a big surprise.

In the past, Robertson and Keith have had much in common. They are both long-time millennialists and members of evangelical doomsday cults – they both love to hear their own voices spoken aloud – they both have gray hair, they are both senile and incontinent, and they are both completely out of touch with the rest of humanity.

This parting of ways seems to suggest a real disconnect between smaller cults and their establishment counterparts.

While Keith struggles against the waves of progress Robertson is on-board with the rest of the world, chilling on a deck-chair and soaking up the sun.

Keith seems to believe (as opposed to Pat Robertson) that Transgender people are socialized to be transgender. She does not seem to understand that what makes Gender Dysphoria real is that a cis-female (so-called “biological female”) socialized to “act like a girl” ends up, despite her upbringing acting “like a boy”. It’s this very simple pretext that makes everything Lierre Keith has ever said worthless and stupid.

Lierre Keith, who has written up a whole new language for dealing with reality in English, refers to her position as Radical Feminism, in effect co-opting the term. Further, she exhorts anyone who disagrees with her, calling them nothing but milquetoast, mealy-mewthed  “Liberals”.

There comes a day when left becomes right and right becomes left but nothing really changes except the words.

Lierre Keith has come full-circle from progressive to crazy homophobe and Pat Robertson is starting to sound like the Mahareesh.

It brings to mind that one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation when the Borg, or whatever, try to convince Captain Picard that 2 + 2 = 5 but Picard – whose mind is like a steel fucking trap – could not be convinced.

Two plus two equals four, Lierre Keith…


snitch watch

Jasper Wilcox

I was randomly browsing the internet and found a blog called Snitch Watch which provided a link to my David Agranoff blog. I was pretty flattered. I would have thought, for sure, that any such link would go directly to Will Potter’s blog (which is… um… better).

When I first discovered the Earth Liberation Front I became addicted to reading over the court documents (and any other documents) and trying to figure out, on my own, how the pieces all fit together. I have no first-hand knowledge of any of the goings on. I don’t think I know any of the people involved. I think I met Tre Arrow once, but aside from that… It’s just an intellectual curiosity. I’m infinitely fascinated by Secret Societies – the title of this blog actually comes from a book called The Illuminatus! Trilogy which is all about them.

David Agranoff is a terrible writer but he keeps writing books and his blog of book reviews is just…

And as a starving writer myself, I just…

Snitch Watch is a cool page. I urge everybody to check it out. They provide a database to track snitches and government informants and I’m glad I could help in even a very small way.

town bloody hall (or, why I like norman mailer better than derrick jensen)

Jasper Wilcox

I hate reading books about philosophy and political theory. In the past I’ve forced myself to choke down a few, but, I’ve always been more interested in literature. When I was younger (like, a teenager) I really fell in love with Norman Mailer’s book The Executioner’s Song.

I’m not a scholar.

The only reason I read The Executioner’s Song is because they referenced it in a series of X-Men comic books in the mid-1990s. It was long and dense and reading it made me feel real smart. (However, I am not really smart.)

I can’t be the only one.

Every hipster activist I’ve ever met has at least one book by Charles Bukowski on their shelf of boring social science crap.

I think there’s almost something counter-revolutionary about a person who tries to elevate themselves to the level of sainthood. It’s disingenuous. Like Derrick Jensen, I read William Shirer’s The Passion of Gandhi and the whole world seemed to fall apart around me.

When I was growing up one of the only things I had in common with my mom was a veneration for ol’ Mohandas Gandhi.

Turns out the guy was kind of a wingnut and a sex-pervert.

Ever since then I’ve found myself having more in common with the bastards of 20th century literature. I would much rather read Journey to the End of the Night than The Fateful Triangle.

One of the most painful things an activist has to do is force themselves to read the stale, boring prose of Noam Chomsky.

The higher the pedestal is you put yourself on the further you’ll have to fall when someone discovers the cracks at the base of your platform.

Nobody’s a saint.

Not even saints.

I like imperfect people. I like working-class people. I like gang members and junkies and alcoholics. I like the people down here and I’m weary to the point of cynicism about the people up there.

So, with that said, I decided to post, in it’s entirety, the Town Bloody Hall wherein Norman Mailer expostulates about “dicks, homosexuality and fascism” which I included (because, why not?) in my previous blog.

I also decided to do this because, in almost every respect, I disagree with Mailer’s position.

It’s also fun to watch. And it’s nice to hear the perspectives of the four women on the panel, almost all of whom I agree with entirely.

But I’ve never read a single one of their books.

(Sometimes we say something stupid and we have to come back and take it out before anybody sees it.)

deep, green & uptight

Jasper Wilcox

Ever since its inception, Deep Green Resistance has been plagued by very obvious logical inconsistencies that defy in-depth political analysis. There’s a simple reason for it, too: the organization was created by two philosophers with very polarizing (and very specialized, esoteric, hard-to-understand) philosophies.

It’s just that simple.

It needs to be pointed out that I am not an activist.  I’m not really sure I ever was. I tried once (of that I’m sure) but if I were to be honest with you (and with myself) I would have to admit that I suffer from mental health issues that are not conducive to productive organizing. And for years I have made it my business to separate myself from the activist milieu, assuming that, if I could help at all, this was how I could help the most. By taking a big fat dive and getting out while the getting was good. Because being crazy in public is embarrassing – especially around really uptight activists with hipster-beards, fancy diplomas and… culture.

It also doesn’t make the “movement” look very good when the people within the “movement” are crazy.

But during the short course of my activism a really great union organizer said something to me I’ll never forget.

He said: “You’ve got to meet people where they’re at, not where you’re at.”


I have a really good friend who happens to be a junky.

She stayed over a few nights ago because she was trying to kick dope.

She left a pamphlet on my floor about abscess prevention and how to procure clean points. On the cover it had a picture of the clean-rig-van and above it said: “Meeting You Where You’re At,” and, when I saw it, I immediately remembered my old buddy, the Union Organizer, in Seattle.

A light went off over my head. The words I’d been searching for ever since Deep Green Resistance hit the “street.”

DGR’s Ben Barker (cute kid) recently wrote an article entitled “The Abuse of Laughter” that, I think, says it all.

In his article he tells us why it’s not funny to verbally abuse people.

As a friend says, “cruel humor is the humor of sociopaths.” Any boundary set by another, any boundary placed on humor, will be broken. And to them, that’s what makes it funny.

Far from “just jokes,” this is a serious social problem. As psychologist Lundy Bancroft writes, “[H]umor is . . . . one of the powerful ways a culture passes on its values.” What does this say about a culture in which, from the most personal level to the mass one, abuse is merited funny; in which there exists so-called “gay jokes” and “rape jokes” and “race jokes”; in which humor is rated congruently with the scale of oppression or atrocity it invokes?

This is ridiculous – and it’s obvious why: Rape jokes are fucking hilarious.

In case Ben Barker hadn’t noticed, a huge number of people in the United States love The Family Guy and only a very (increasingly) small minority of humorless cultists love Deep Green Resistance.

On a Cartoon Network message board some guy commented that:

Me and my buddy were talking, and we noticed that FG (Family Guy) is averaging around 1.5 rape jokes every 15 minutes.

(Which is hardly enough.)

Now, let’s return to the premise of this stupid blog:

The majority of people aren’t apathetic. If you pointed to a problem, convinced them adequately that it really was a problem and then provided them with a realistic solution to the problem, they would probably do what they could to help.

For example, my junky friend – turns out she’s Vegan. She was even wearing a Food Fight t-shirt.

I thought it was cool because it’s not often you meet Vegan Anarchists living under the Morrison bridge – and homeless junkies are usually not as judgmental or mean as the hipster activists at PSU or SCCC.

I was really excited to tell her: “Hey, I’m Jasper Wilcox.”

She’d never heard of me.

She’d never heard of Derrick Jensen, Peter Young, or James McWilliams either. She’d never even heard of Noam Chomsky.

She didn’t care about my stupid blog or my stupid politics. She just liked dogs a lot and she saw the silly magazines at Food Fight. Turned out she used to like a boy who thought he was a member of the ALF (but who was not).

He’d given her a jacket with a bunch of (sick) patches on it. Bands that broke up 10 years before she was born.

We didn’t talk about politics for long. It bored her to death.When I tried to draw the conversation back to politics she quickly changed the subject.

We did, ironically, watch about 400 hours of Family Guy episodes on my crappy computer and we laughed at every single one of the rape jokes.

It just feels good to lay around all day and watch cartoons when you’re sick.

I think the majority of people in the world would agree.

I don’t think this makes us sociopaths, like the young (idealistic) Mr. Barker would have us believe. I think that, like most people, we’re not perfect.  I think that, like most people, we have no desire to become saints.

Of course most people aren’t Vegan Anarchists. Of course most people aren’t junkies. Of course most people aren’t emotional cripples (like me).

But in a way, I think, we do represent most people.

Two fuck-ups with (more-or-less) good intentions trying to overcome the day-to-day ugliness of life in a sick, fucked up world… by laughing – by indulging in a little naughtiness.

We all have to get through it somehow.

I’m sure Ben Barker wouldn’t approve of our little indulgences during those three or four days of dope-sickness.

It’s not that Barker is wrong. To a certain extent I even agree with him.

I live day-to-day in a world of sexual assault and rape. Every female I’ve ever met on the streets (and I’ve slept outside in twenty-three states) has been the victim of sexual assault or rape.

It affects me every day.

Every day I walk through downtown Portland and every day I see the same fat asshole sitting on 3rd avenue with a spange-sign knowing damned well he raped my best friend under a bridge when she was passed out drunk. And I know that, aside from the punch I applied to the right side of his face, there’s not much I can do about it.

But the kid who’s kicking dope gets veto power over the clicker… every time.

And I’ll tell young Mr. Barker this.

Had this young lady been sleeping at his house and had he tried to tell her she was a sociopath, or brow-beat her with political idealism, or criticized her political naivete, she would have left.

She would have gone right back to the Morrison bridge squat and done a fat dose.

This is the world we live in – not the world Ben Barker wants us to live in.

This is a world where, when a person’s intentions are generally good, it’s okay to compromise.

It’s okay to take a day off when we’re sick and try to enjoy the little stuff.

Sometimes it’s all we can do.

The truth is, Deep Green Resistance doesn’t want our help anyway.

Deep Green Resistance wouldn’t have met us where we were that day. It would only accept compromise if we were the ones compromising.

Deep Green Resistance will never create a mass movement if it can’t take a joke. Most people don’t want to live in a world where Derrick Jensen tells us what’s funny.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed at an appropriate joke.

Nobody in the world is perfect. Most people don’t want to be perfect. Deep Green Resistance talks about creating a mass movement, then tells us it’s impossible to create one.

But it’s not impossible.

The only thing that’s standing in the way (and this goes for Earth First!-ers too) are petty squabbles, a complete absence of short-term, achievable goals and idealistic rigidness that alienates almost every single non-activist on the planet.

The mass movement you need isn’t going to drop everything and meet you in the activist ghetto just so you can tell it how vile and stupid it is. You’re going to have to come out here, make some compromises, be nice, and try to accomplish goals without alienating your allies.

It’s okay to laugh at dirty jokes.

I promise.

Ben Barker might not like it, but who the fuck’s ever heard of Ben Barker?

Most people, like my young friend, have never even heard of Noam Chomsky.

if it doesn’t make sense listen to it twice

You don’t have to get offended just because you disagree. Just because a person says something you don’t like doesn’t make them your enemy. It’s time for us to stop thinking ideologically and to start thinking pragmatically.

foucault’s pipe

surrealist plumber

Big Joe & Phantom 309 by Tom Waits

Comment #1–Gil Scott-Heron

I have never listened to a song by Kanye West in my life. I hope saying that makes me seem more authentic.

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