Further confessions of an apostate leftist

Couple weeks back I was talking to my mom (she voted for that one stupid asshole whose name we don’t use here). I must have been trying to talk some sense into her (that will never happen. She just does what the television says) and I mentioned “grab her by the pussy.”

Her response? Without any hint of irony (in fact it seemed like pure outrage) she said: “What about all those women Bill Clinton raped? You never said a word when we had a serial rapist in office.”

And today one of my friends (a PhD hopeful, a newly converted Muslim and avid Left Marxist) posted on his Facebook wall about the ex PM of England being investigated for serial child molestation and ritual murder. Somewhere in the comments he started talking about how much sense David Icke made (“sure he’s crazy, but…”).

In Portland maybe a year ago I was sitting at the waterfront looking at the sky with my roommate and his wife smoking a blunt and I commented what a nice day it was. Perfectly clear, very few clouds in the sky.

The wife says: “yeah, too bad about all the chem trails.” I laughed because I thought she was joking. She was not. She got pissed. Turns out she was a Hare Krisna, raised by Hare Krisnas who really (seriously) believed in Alex Jones’ Prison Planet bullshit.

Later she became the most vegan, kombucha drinking hippie Bernie Sanders supporter you’ve ever seen in your life.

Still believes the Prison Planet bullshit because she just doesn’t care to learn.

Which never stops her from talking like she’s the sole authority on the topic.

Researching Derrick Jensen (from day one) I realized his Peak Oil nonsense was just that. Nonsense.

I remember seeing links to Info Wars and Prison Planet on Camille Marino’s stupid webpage before she died (or whatever. She’s dead right?)

As it happens there are a lot of web pages admin’d by neo-Hindus and mystics – Urantia, the Galactic Federation of Light, etc.- who not only push this Pizzagate crap, but who, surprisingly, are die-hard Dumold Cunt supporters.

In Portland they show up in force at every political demonstration in town. They’re reminiscent of the Lyndon LaRouche bozos (or the guys from Zeitgeist) who used to show up at anti war demonstrations in Seattle fifteen years ago. They came in mobs with their idiot “9/11 was an inside job” signs just to fuck up the spot and make all the rest of us seem like huge idiots.

It’s nothing new. Spiro Agnew and the John Bitch Society did the same thing in the late sixties and early seventies.

In fact, one can precisely trace all this neo mystic fake news bullshit to the John Birch Society.

But it’s been going on much longer than that.

I remember reading Arthur Koestler’s “The Invisible Writings” about the Brown Book – the book that was supposed to prove the Nazis burned down the Reichstag. It was a book written with the sole purpose of clearing Dmitrov and Van Der Lube who were charged with the crime.

Second I read it I knew it was fake. Of course Van Der Lube burnt down the Reichstag -the guy was the Walter Bond of his era. He had a problem with starting fires.

I don’t care. I’m glad he did it. I’m not defending any Nazis here.

But it never ceases to amaze me how many people (EVEN TO THIS DAY) believe the Nazis burnt down the Reichstag.

Left or right, Communist, fascist, moderate, there are ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIBLE SCHOLARS who believe the Nazis burnt down the Reichstag.

There are still people who will tell you that Ethel and Ira Rosenburg were innocent.

When history (and uncovered files from the former Soviet Union) proves, without a doubt, that the Rosenburgs were spies.

It seems like the only issues right and left can come together on are Chem Trails, FEMA camps, false flag operations and opposing vaccinations.

DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED on the anti-vaxxers.

It’s not fair to say the right wing are the only parties guilty of either believing in or exploiting fake news because they think it will further their political agenda.

The truth is the loudmouths on both sides are getting their information from the same place.

And I am really uncomfortable supporting, condoning or participating in a resistance movement that is incapable of telling the truth. I am absolutely not going to throw my hat in with a revolutionary force that believes the real problems with the State are FEMA prison camps, peak oil or chem trails.

What would happen if they won?!?

At the end of the day if we don’t know what we’re fighting or what we’re fighting for, we won’t win. 

There are many ways to combat this issue. We could focus on education instead of war. We could pump a trillion dollars of marijuana revenue into public education. Maybe charter schools WOULD help. Maybe we could make people take a competency exam before they were allowed to vote. Maybe our elected officials should be obligated to take a competency exam before holding public office.

Maybe if we tried any one of these options, in two or three generations, we could collectively get over this nonsense.

Problem with that?

We don’t have that long.

There’s a lot of schadenfreude going around right now: “these stupid Cunt voters are sure going to get what’s coming to them. They’ll sure have egg on their face when they realize everything he says is bullshit.”

I feel that…

The difference is, when the ice caps melt and all the animals are gone and the seas are unable to support life and huge parts of the world are no longer capable of supporting human life, I’ll be hard-pressed to point my fingers and laugh and say: “I told you so.”

I will not be full of schadenfreude – I will take absolutely no pleasure in telling everybody how stupid they were. How they should have tried to educate their children instead of indoctrinating them. I’m afraid I will not be full of ironic joy when I tell you how fucking wrong you were.

By then… It will be way too late.

Confessions of an apostate leftist

I no longer will participate in far left politics.

I’m done with it.

I’m not going to bother opposing you morons…

Just count me as a dude who’s heard “9/11 was an inside job” forty five times too many.

I get out on the street and try to talk to the brain trust that is the radical left and I always wind up just feeling stupider.

Fortunately I don’t want anybody to follow me.

It’s conspiracy theorists and loudmouth wind bags on both sides that are going to destroy this planet.

There is absolutely no room on either side for rational voices.

I wish the intelligent people would just ditch all the archaic political philosophy and try to save the planet.

Since nobody’s going to do that I’m just going to try to protect myself from it.

Fuck every single one of you.


I know about grammar its my phone

Until I get a real computer the grammar Nazis are going to hate me…
So if you feel like donating one I’d be grateful. 

I could probably even get back to serious writing (for money).

Melvin Neifert, riseup.org and kiddy porn

Melvin Neifert has a lot of problems calling people pedophiles and trying to smear their name.

I’ve personally been on the receiving end of it. Time after time when I say something about him that is true (I don’t just say stuff on this site without looking into it) he comes back and tells everyone I’m a pedophile.

With that said. Riseup.org is, at this very moment, in a battle with the feds because people have been using their VPN to access child pornography on the dark web.

That’s the same VPN Melvin Neifert uses.

Melvin is not a hacker. Maybe I can’t prove this but I know hackers (legitimate hackers not black hats) and Melvin is not one. 

So why is Melvin going to all of the kiddy porn sites?

Could this be plausible deniability?

He’s certainly not technically capable of bringing down any of these sites, but he is definitely looking at them.

Now let me say to very important things.

If your intentions are good, it’s still illegal to view kiddy porn. When that stuff winds up on your cache youre in possession of it. You cannot delete it. It remains there forever unless you microwave your whole rig (and even then it’s no guarantee).

Second. I don’t think anybody likes kiddy porn. I’m sure most people, if they could, would love to shut it down.

But those people generally don’t spend any time scouring the dark web for it. 

Most people couldn’t stomach it and most people lack the technical expertise to do anything about it. It’s pretty weird Melvin Neifert spends so much time watching videos of little kids getting raped.

I’ve never seen one.

I don’t think I could even sleep if I saw something like that.

Third. Using rise ups VPN to look at kiddy porn, even if you’re done heroic vigilante, is why the feds are trying to get access to rise ups servers.

If you’re looking at kiddy porn on a rise up VPN your putting REAL activists on great jeopardy.

Also… TOR’s not a reliable proxy. You are virtually not anonymous AT ALL with TOR. If the feds want to monitor your online activity TOR is NOT going to stop them.

Basically Melvin Neifert has admitted (admitted in public on social media) to committing numerous felonies. Whether his intentions were good or not.

And by doing so he’s helping getting rise up shut down and exposing real activists.

This guy gives me the creeps.

Melvin Neifert’s Son (And “The Stupids”)

In a hilarious twist of fate it appears would be domestic terrorist Melvin Neifert’s eldest son was the one who sold him out to the FBI.

According to Neifert’s Facebook page his oldest son called the Selah Police Department to inform them he thought his father was making a bomb.

The Feds then sent Melvin’s son to wear a wire and camera (Melvin says the camera was built into a baseball cap) to incriminate him.

Apparently it worked. Neifert did three months and caught a felony.

I find this ironic because Neifert loves to talk about what a great parent he is.

But Neifert has seven (not six) kids and he has never paid child support. He even took to defrauding Social Security so he wouldn’t have to pay it anymore.

At first my goal in trashing Neifert was just to expose him to the activist community so they would know not to deal with him.

After some time it grew into a profound hatred for anarchism.

Well, that’s levelled out a bit.

There are good anarchists. And anarchism, as a philosophy, is not always completely stupid.

But there exists within anarchism a level of stupidity that never ceases to amaze me.

I’ve come to believe it’s this stupid, paranoid, dogmatic fringe of anarchists that are making the entire movement seem stupid.

I blame these loudmouths for D*n Tr**p.

I have no interest in starting a war with anarchists. And my political allegiances are the same now as they were ten years ago (except I’m much less afraid of offending the thought police).

But I will work as hard as I can to purge the scene of the Stupids.

In the late sixties/early seventies the scene was Co-opted by the “Crazies.”

These were the LSD people – the dirty hippies.

Today we don’t have the Crazies. The Crazies weren’t stupid, they were just weird. They (at the time) weren’t necessarily a cancer on the movement.

Today we have “The Stupids” of whom Neifert and his cronies (the number of whom diminish every day) are perfect examples.

The Stupids are the ones who say stuff like “Sandy Hook was a false flag operation” or “9/11 was an inside job.”

Or else they just regurgitate bumper sticker slogans or try to scare people on Facebook.

I declare that the only way our scene is going to survive is to purge the Stupids.

I’m starting with Melvin Neifert.

Moral Superiority and the Rise of American Fascism

Left and right are similar animals.

In truth they’re mirror images of each other. Beginning from the center and working out toward the margins we find moderates, militants, extremists, respectively, on both sides. Out on the extreme fringes the similarities become even more striking. The far right has neo-Nazi skinheads; the left has Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (I guess they’re ANTIFA nowadays).

There is, however, one peculiar difference.

The left is obsessed with moral purity.

What is best for the country is not as important as what’s morally right. Funny too, because most of the people who inhabit this ideological sphere are not religious at all. Even contemptuous of religion. ¬†Yet still, if something runs counter (even if only very slightly) to their concept of morality they will have no part of it.

The right suffers no such compunction.

Take D*n*ld Tr*mp for example.

There is no right thinking human being in the world, liberal or conservative, who could possibly look at this guy and say “this man is a fine example of Christian virtues and morals.”

And yet, when voting time comes, they back their horse, because they’re at least intelligent enough to realize that he will implement reforms that bring them inches closer to their goals: no taxes, no gay marriage, overturning R v. Wade, etc.

The left could never do this. Those voters for Bernie Sanders could never hold their noses and vote for Hillary. No, she represented the status quo: drones, Benghazi, TPP, NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT… Ad nauseum.

I promise you that the gun toting militias, the David Duke style Klansmen, the Rahowa bunch – they would never have chosen Donald Tr*mp. I doubt it at least… To them, Tr*mp’s a big city big wig, controlled by Jewish bankers, with a Jewish son in law on his cabinet. He’s not a particularly wholesome Christian, he’s a Yankee… But that never stopped them from rallying around the guy, singing kumbaya.

No, because Tr*mp is to them exactly what he is to Vladimir Putin and the Russian Politburo. He’s a Useful Idiot.

The Left can’t have a useful idiot.

They would rather let a dictator take power and roll back 120 years of hard won political victories. The trendy kids on Hawthorne or Capitol Hill would judge them for not toeing the Hipster line. While the world burns around them they will be cozily insulated from the heat by a thick womb-like layer of moral superiority.

If Bernie Sanders doesn’t take it to hell with the whole system.

You see, here is where the Democrats fail.

The Democrats flirt with these kids out there holding signs and protesting. Both Democrat and Republican make the same mistake: these protesters are the base.

But this is patently untrue. Anybody who’s ever engaged one of these protesters would notice it immediately.

The protesters have absolutely nothing but contempt for the Democratic party. Sure, they love Bernie Sanders but… Bernie Sanders is not and has never been a Democrat. A huge number of them are even too morally pure for Sanders.

It’s this misunderstanding that cost the Democrats the White House in 2016. They did not realize the demographic they spent their time pandering to were the ones who were working the hardest against the Democratic party.

The people who organize these demonstrations AREN’T DEMOCRATS. A lot of them are Trotskyites (I’m serious, they still have Trotskyites, it just gets stupider and stupider) or Maoists. To these guys the old fashioned Communist Party are too moderate. On the Trotsky side of the line Don-Don is just the right thing – after all, worse is better.

Let me make one thing good and clear: ANSWER Coalition is a group called the Party for Socialism and Liberation. You see their signs at every demonstration and you have since 2003. PSLWeb. You’ve seen it…

These people refuse to vote Democrat. They run their own candidates every four years. You didn’t know that because they have absolutely no chance of ever winning anything. They usually can’t get on the ballot in more than 20 States.

World Can’t Wait. Remember them? That’s the Revolutionary Communist Party. Ever heard of these idiots? Most people regard them as a cult.

What about the Socialist Workers Party? They’re old favorites. They did the whole Malcolm X thing in the fifties and sixties.

They also urge their members and allies not to vote for Democrats.

Red and Black Anarchists?

Black Lives Matter?

Have you ever listened to Cornel West trash talk Barack Obama?

These people aren’t Democrats. And they aren’t concerned with the working class. They aren’t committed to the people toiling their lives away at manual labor so their kids can have a better life.

They’re concerned with Bohemians and university students. Sure they might give lip service to the working class but they don’t work. Nobody will hire them because their Facebook pages are full of crazy Communist slogans.

(There’s some hard working Wobblies in the Seattle area but they’re the exception – and the probably been drummed out since I stopped caring.)

Well… So… You did your part for morality. For… Krishna? Haile Salasi? The Pagan Moon goddess? We’re still trying to figure it out. But your moral superiority is still intact.

You did it: you spent eight years telling anybody that would listen that the Democrats were just as bad as the Republicans.

I guess we’ll see, huh?

Melvin Neifert aka Abdullah Aljadid

It must be remembered that Melvin Neifert,  Patrick O’Connor,  Maria Bookchin and Abdullah Aljadid are all the same person. 

This is one of the scariest pages Melvin Neifert runs. This guy is seriously mentally ill. 

It began when I started to suspect Aljadid and Neifert were the same person. 

Wait, wait, wait…  Adullah has killed MANY fascists.  Abdullah is regarded as a HERO! 

No,  this is a guy from Yakima. 

So,  this is pretty weird,  right? 

One could argue it’s useful for a revolutionary to use these fake accounts but this borderlines on mental illness.  At one point or another,  Melvin just starts LYING. 

But then he starts talking about travelling. 

Ok,  I think,  he’s creating an alibi for Neifert,  i.e., Neifert’s going out of town so he has to lie and say Abdullah is going out of town. 

Nope. I double checked. The dates have nothing to do with one another. 

Check out this scariness. 

But it gets better. 

Now,  for no reason,  he’s going to lie about going to British Columbia. 

Now,  he’s going to lie (with scary precision) about going to Denver. 

What the fuck!? 

Why would you…  !?! 

Okay,  now I’m going to leave you with some of the only wise words Melvin Neifert ever spoke. 

Get off Facebook. Go out and enjoy God’s creation. 

Word up. 

Melvin should have taken his own advice. 

That guy spent 80+ hours a week on Facebook and it made his fucking ass weird.