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Melvin Neifert and the FBI

The Black Star Collective is a fiction. It is a fake organization created by Melvin Neifert and Anthony Santos.

That is why I cannot figure out this post.

What is this guy thinking?

Is he a fed? Something’s weird about this guy. How much did he have to do with the May Day 2016 planning? Did anybody talk to him? Did anybody tell him the March path?

Could that be why you were corralled into the warehouse district?

Then this. Michael Jay Anthony and Neifert are friends. Anthony is in on this.

Why is Neifert trying to position himself into the organizing? 

You should not let him. Even if he’s not a fed, I found out everything about him with just Google and a 70 IQ.

Do not talk to Neifert about anything.

Consider this guy burnt.

Melvin Neifert and the FBI

It’s important to remember that Patrick O’Connor is actually Melvin Neifert.

Nicole Durdyn is really Nicole Jensen of Westbrook, Maine.

And me, well… Yeah…. I’m Jacob.

Melvin loves to call me a pedophile. Just one more reason that when I see him in going to break his teeth out.

Melvin, how long were you talking to the FBI?

How many questions did you answer? Did you have tea with them? Did you invite them to sit in the living room with you and gave a long chat?

Why the fuck were you talking to them about me?

Is that why they came to my motel room in Akron?

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Against theory

Jasper Wilcox

I know how to fix the activist community.

Ditch revolutionary theory.

Take those books by Marx and Max Stirner, Chomsky, Kropotkin, Bakunin, Habermas, Lukacs, Adorno and throw them in the sea.

Better still, use them to make shelters for the homeless. Burn them for heat. Make rafts out of them and give them to Syrian refugees.

It’s the only way (the only way) those books will ever help anybody.

Instead of seeking political enlightenment by reading Derrida or Duleuz we can simply try and do good.

When we see someone starving we can feed them. If we see someone thirsty we can give them water. If we see someone who wants to learn we can teach them. If we see someone being bullied by the state or their boss or some insurgent anarchist dick face we can stick up for them.

When you meet a hungry person do you go home, log into the internet and read essays by Alfredo Bonanno or Feral Faun? Do you give them a book by Hakim Bey? Or do you give them some food?

There is nothing revolutionary about reading post modernist political theory.

Not only is it useless it’s STUPID.

Yes, I said it. Alfredo Bonanno is an idiot. He’s not that smart. He’s actually probably one of the most worthless people to ever put pen to paper. He’s a moron. Feral Faun is a RETARD!

If you’ve read revolutionary theory and nothing else, chances are you’re dumber than a bag of turds.

Have you read countless essays from the Anarchist Library or Crimethinc?

Awesome. Have you read Kant, Hegel, Aristotle, Aurelius, Plato, Xenophon, Ovid, Plutarch?

Have you read Zola, or Hugo or Dostoevsky? Have you read Locke, Berkely, Hume?


Probably not. You’ve read thirty seven stupid essays and three useless books.


If you do nothing but read and or propagate revolutionary theory you’re literally doing so on the backs of the oppressed. You are literally party of the problem.

I’ve never been to a factory floor and met a worker who said: “I’m sure glad Melvin Neifert is at home reading Max Stirner. Pretty soon I’ll be able to pay off my house.”

I’m so tired of anarchism the word leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It literally makes me feel sick to even talk about it.

No more anarchism, no more Communism, no more Trotskyism. No more labels, no more big fancy words, no more sects, no more factions.


When you see a problem help fix it.

If history forgot Lenin or Ilya Ehrenberg we would be better off.

If people forgot Bakunin and Kropotkin and tried to simply do what’s right we’d be better off.

Those idiot (stupid asshole) insurgent anarchist internet trolls do way (way way) more harm than good.

They have no interest in helping anyone, they don’t care about anything. They are hyper individualists and all they’re trying to do is elevate themselves. They’re searching for some grand mystical insight. They do not care about working people. Most of them have never had a job. They do not care about the poor. They do not care about the environment. They do not care about the community.

They care about credibility. They care about how people perceive them. They are isolationists. Everybody else is below them. Everyone who does not believe their dogma is racist, fascist, homophobic…

And yet they don’t believe in heirarchy?

1/10th of 1% of the world gives a fuck about anarchy. But that one tenth of one percent sees everybody else as hopelessly compromised, hopelessly inferior. Sure there’s no heirarchy, but if you disagree you’re a bootlicking fascist and they’ll shoot you in the fucking knee.

I’d like to thank Melvin Neifert.

That guy actually did open my eyes.

He made plain to me exactly what is wrong with anarchism. Pathetic, stupid and inept.

That is why I am not an anarchist. And anybody who feels like trolling me or bullying me for saying it better knuckle up or shut the fuck up.


Are you telling me I have to watch a commercial every time I play a word?


You people are fucking pathetic.

Anarchism is getting fucking lame

Jasper Wilcox

In the past 20 or so years Anarchism has become fucking stupid.

It takes a lot of balls to say this. It’s not something I wanted to have to do.

I want to write long erudite essays about why I think what I think what I think but it’s hard…

I’m a bum… I live under a bridge… I’m homeless.. I have no computer… Its hard to write lately…

Anarchy has become a bunch of pussy nerds talking about violence. White pussy nerds who got their hands on some Tupac records.

I don’t care about your lame ass dogma, I don’t care how tough you think you are. I don’t care about your stupid ass essays. Your essays that weren’t good enough for your professor so you publish them at the Anarchist library.

I’m done with anarchism.

I am for workers. I am against capitalism. I want to see workers get a fair shake. I want animals to be free from abuse. I want an end to rape culture.

But this post modernist white pussy nerd bullshit has nothing to do with that.

Look, white supremacists train like they’re in the military. They stockpile guns, they read about war and stuff…

You’re never going to win that war, Anarchy… Why? Because you’re white pussy nerds.

Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai are white pussy nerds. They shot a guy in the knee, then they went to some white pussy nerd prison in Italy where they get gourmet meals and some staffer to give them ball massages every third day.

If these two nerd pussies are your hero, would you please doe a favor and get the fuck out of the labor movement?

Would you just shut up?

If you keep talking to me about violence I’m going to show you some.


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